Essence of a woman

Essence of a woman

Essence of a woman

Heavenly beauty of divine handiwork

Preordained with chic elegance

Delicate mingling of strength and poise Continue reading

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Try Again

Try Again

Tis a lesson you should heed, try again

If at first you don’t succeed, try again

Then your courage should appear for if you will persevere

You will conquer, never fear, and try again

If you find your task is hard, try again

Time will bring you your rewards, try again

All that other folks can do

Why with patience may not you?

Only keep this rule in view, try again


This poem was sent to me by my friend, I thought sharing this message will replicate our effort to stay positive, to go forward, to be constructive, to remain united, to touch others with sincerity, to manifest determination and to practice selflessness when we feel down or unworthy.


by: Shashi Moore

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Best Moment Award!



You made my day!! 🙂

Dear Joycelyn, that was splendid of you to have awarded me, shashimoore the ‘Best Moment award.
I am beyond comprehension, how me?  the tiny winny teeny thing ( I am literally 200 lbs) in blogspere; to win such a huge magnanimous gigantic yellow striped trinity like award!! Best thing that could happen only here.
My heart swells with love that is uncontrolled and spontaneous for your generosity. Seriously, that was a fantastic welcome gift after my short Easter vacation. I loved it and cherish it.
The award is the symbol of:
mutual respect
A huge momentary mistake.
But I
Looooooove it.
Thank yooooou verrrrrry much!!!!
By Shashi Moore

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via Ermilia Blog

Swing and I

The symbol of time-out

Embed Sentries of trees in fore

With a back-drop of terrace and steps

Away from the glare of the sun

Shadowed beneath the gaze of green

Coaxed all day in gentle breeze

Suspended by slender arms long

Stretched to support the seats

Is a

Tale of a solitary swing;

A place to unwind

Bare ones soul

with fear no one

Engage in soliloquies

Searching for answers

Making decisions

Accepting rejections

Escape into childhood

Dreams  yearnings is

where else but on a swing

In pain they seek my solitude retreat

Accompanied they glide on the arms of my panel

The branches bowed to the desires afloat

Lost in the abyss of my wits

I sway away my troubles in each stride

Washing away the fears of worldly welts

Pages for miles I cross the lands with gentle rock

Up in the air I float my tresses unattached

Brushed by the gentle cool draft


By: Shashi Moore

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Keys to Humanity

Hello all! I know I have not been blogging for some time now, the Internet was out added to the fact that I took advantage of my two weeks of vacation. So I resume normal activities until the net decides to be difficult again. Here’s my offering for Picture it and Write! though this one was for a couple of weeks ago. I hop you enjoy it!
(via Ermilia Blog, click to see)

(via Ermilia Blog, click to see)

The keys to humanity
Emotions verses the motion of tools
Electronic slim fast on its feet
No life of its own but simulate the memory tuned
It all began when
A gift I received from a friend
An electronic note book with memory of our kind
No ordinary electronic of mine
Loaded in with memory of its kind
Put to test to humor my friend
Keys to find the emotions
The Electronic de-charged,
The memory erased, wiped clean
Unplugged, no life support
Continue reading
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Clone of Me!

via picture and write it

via ermiliablog

Clone of Me!
Five digits all in a row
Bound together by muscle and bone
Vascular rich neurons bridge
Sheltered underneath suave skin
Oh No!!
A clone of mine, I see
Replicate of Me?
Very well,
THEN. Continue reading
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Love at first sight!

This is the second time I have re-blogged from ladybluerose site. I believe she is very inspiring person and as well her posts are also very thought-provoking. I love Adele’s voice ; it’s deep soulful and resonates with inner beauty, emotions,and feelings. My 14-year-old daughter introduced Adele songs; so I re-blog as a tribute to her. My daughter has similar voice with much resonance and depth.

By: Shashi Moore

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