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‘My Dog Spot’

Hi! I have been away from posting on my blog for quite some time. the fact is I am still to master the skill of time management. Nevertheless, this morning my fifth grader brought a cute little poem for me … Continue reading

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Basic Instincts

 Intuitively Glowing, seductive. Snooping, itch to know more Irresistible dragging’s from within the core Ablaze stare for a foretaste, but yields eye full Having to belie the twitch and scuttle, or drift down to the pill Beyond boundaries boarder less, … Continue reading

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Swing and I The symbol of time-out Embed Sentries of trees in fore With a back-drop of terrace and steps Away from the glare of the sun Shadowed beneath the gaze of green Coaxed all day in gentle breeze Suspended … Continue reading

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Clone of Me!

Clone of Me! Five digits all in a row Bound together by muscle and bone Vascular rich neurons bridge Sheltered underneath suave skin Oh No!! A clone of mine, I see Replicate of Me?  Me? Very well, THEN.

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The Great Escape!

It began, The day I walked the aisle Holding the bouquet of flowers with a smile To stand beside a gentle-man they said Whom, I will never could dread Attitudes? red-hot fiery words in acid Tones, tinged, jalapeno flavored, contours … Continue reading

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Alive Into the wee hours  keeping  eyes wide open Anticipating the first streak of rays deepen Into flash of colours ranging into red, orange, yellow Raises the golden ball of fire from mellow to brilliant glow The floor crisp with … Continue reading

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School prayers

School Prayers I am in a sharing extravaganza. Each morning, at my work place, my school, the day begins with the following prayers. These prayers are recited by the students before they get immersed into their school work. The nursery … Continue reading

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