Keys to Humanity

Hello all! I know I have not been blogging for some time now, the Internet was out added to the fact that I took advantage of my two weeks of vacation. So I resume normal activities until the net decides to be difficult again. Here’s my offering for Picture it and Write! though this one was for a couple of weeks ago. I hop you enjoy it!
(via Ermilia Blog, click to see)

(via Ermilia Blog, click to see)

The keys to humanity
Emotions verses the motion of tools
Electronic slim fast on its feet
No life of its own but simulate the memory tuned
It all began when
A gift I received from a friend
An electronic note book with memory of our kind
No ordinary electronic of mine
Loaded in with memory of its kind
Put to test to humor my friend
Keys to find the emotions
The Electronic de-charged,
The memory erased, wiped clean
Unplugged, no life support
The note- book open, my hand in position
I press the key,  ‘s’
The screen alive reads “sensory”!
I try, again with the key ‘A’
“Arrogant”, and “Alive”
reads the words to my surprise
Unmoved, I press on, the keys “W” and “D”
“Wanton Dreams” the symbols revealed
This I believe not for a
Heartless automated cognizant of human kind?
I try
The buttons “H” and “B” and “M”
“Heartless Me? “
“Bloody moron!  Better believe”.
  Steven King weird
I step back for all keys begin jump at once
The words
“You ‘re not the only wizards around,
We stem from the brains of Humans alone!”
    BY: Shashi Moore

About Shashi Moore

Having covered half a century of my time on this Earth; enthusiastically creating an impression on my students has given me the much needed excuse to continue to live another few decades, if possible. An educationist by choice and a mother by grace of God.
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