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If I Could

    If I could Bear the burden of your sorrow, I would. If I could, but for a minute, take away your pain and make it mine, I would. If I could tell you “there’s a reason for this,” … Continue reading

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Essence of a woman Heavenly beauty of divine handiwork Preordained with chic elegance Delicate mingling of strength and poise

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Try Again

Try Again Tis a lesson you should heed, try again If at first you don’t succeed, try again Then your courage should appear for if you will persevere You will conquer, never fear, and try again If you find your … Continue reading

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Best Moment Award!

  You made my day!! 🙂 Dear Joycelyn, that was splendid of you to have awarded me, shashimoore the ‘Best Moment award. I am beyond comprehension, how me?  the tiny winny teeny thing ( I am literally 200 lbs) in … Continue reading

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Swing and I The symbol of time-out Embed Sentries of trees in fore With a back-drop of terrace and steps Away from the glare of the sun Shadowed beneath the gaze of green Coaxed all day in gentle breeze Suspended … Continue reading

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Keys to Humanity

Hello all! I know I have not been blogging for some time now, the Internet was out added to the fact that I took advantage of my two weeks of vacation. So I resume normal activities until the net decides … Continue reading

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