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My dear friend and my prayer partner, wrote this beautiful tribute to her mother just after Christmas, 2012.

I was offered the opportunity to bask in the warmth of the love shared between them. Having lost my mother for more than a decade and four years ago, I loved every minute of the love shared through the entire season of Christmas. My friends mother is very graceful 85 of age. She welcomed and embraced me into her life as one of her own. Why would anyone ever say that ‘Blood is thicker than Water’?? 


Motherhood might be depicted by many names and phases, but to your child, you’re only one face.

And so sometimes you’re Mom, Mommy, Ma, Mammy and even Mama – whichever one sounds like music to the ear.

But as you go up the rungs of your years, it is Granny, Grandma, Gran Gran, Grandmother and Old Girl.

Nowadays even young women are referred to as Moms, Muds, Mammy and even Granny (Check with the touts at the park).


But my dear Mother, Mommy, Mom, has been this very special woman in my life;

She cared for all, and with her all, even when there was very little, she knew how to stretch and fix things to make an enjoyable experience.

Now she still cares for all, but mostly through her thoughts

She steered me away from dangers and pitfalls;

And called me to her bosom to fuel warmth, comfort and affection.


I don’t remember being held very much nor for too long in her arms, or having a place to sit on her lap,

Cause there were so many others and like time, not much left place to spare.

But I know that she cared and still deeply cares for me and all of us, she calls her very own.

I experienced the goodness of God through my Mother, Mom

I learnt to trust Him through the singing of her favorite hymns,

And when genuine words of faith, faithfulness, and favor, poured from her heart to her lips.

She was so God-fearing, still is, and still needs to be.


My Mom exposed me to the realities of life.

Being sent to the shop and market at an early age, even though there were older folks, had taught me quite a lot.

She always made me feel that I could do it.

A diligent guide, a good and faithful leader, a great cook, seamstress,

And a planter of flowers and giant fruit trees

Creative, Innovative, and Kind.

In your one and only high-heeled shoes, I knew I could feel tall, and look grown up like you,

A rather pretty woman;

But you’d never let me wear them, you really had to care them.

So I just had to wait on my own.


My Mom was the picture of grace, beauty, faith, patience and longsuffering.

Through her I learned to face challenges and perplexities, praying.

A sacrificial provider, she made sure our needs were taken care of;

Education to her was a must.


Ah now, my Mother, you are still loaded with grace and beauty.

Truth preserves you, and Peace, like a river, keeps you satisfied.

                                                                                                     Joan Elmira (January 23, 2013)

By: Shashi Moore



About Shashi Moore

Having covered half a century of my time on this Earth; enthusiastically creating an impression on my students has given me the much needed excuse to continue to live another few decades, if possible. An educationist by choice and a mother by grace of God.
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