The king


big-cat-lion_462_990x742From National Geographic

The King

A tribute to my father

February is the month of my dad’s birthday

he was everything one can adore.

An epitome of fatherhood,

a loving and gentle grandfather,

He portrayed




taught us

to radiate love to one and all.

He has abandoned the

physical garments and embraced

the eternal life.

joined by his wife

they walk together in heaven above.

I love this photo of the day free download from NG.

Such elegance of the wild cat.

The photo is tribute to my dear dad.

By: Shashi Moore


About Shashi Moore

Having covered half a century of my time on this Earth; enthusiastically creating an impression on my students has given me the much needed excuse to continue to live another few decades, if possible. An educationist by choice and a mother by grace of God.
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