Gypsy’s poetry

ImageThe Gypsy skirt

With thirst
For Music
In her
Turns the
Radio on: Poised,
Glides down the caravan
Steps. Her skirt flares while her hips sway
Her eyes closed, her chin tilted, her hands in the air;
She twists and twirls in rhythm of the tinkling strings of bells dangling down her waist. Insidiously, tips her toes to reach for the unseen dancer. Amidst clinking, clanking; the jungle juggle of the daggers appear; her sight so sharp, her hand raised with the target in sight she lunges her wrist with the pointed edge, Bulls eye! The music in her head beats like the African rhythms. Gathering the rapidity she swipes the folds of her floral layers laced with tiny shiny mirrors shimmering the image of her love for harmony
Closer than           her life’s vein.
By: Shashi Moore

About Shashi Moore

Having covered half a century of my time on this Earth; enthusiastically creating an impression on my students has given me the much needed excuse to continue to live another few decades, if possible. An educationist by choice and a mother by grace of God.
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2 Responses to Gypsy’s poetry

  1. I’ve honestly always been curious about gypsies since I saw The Hunchback of Notre Dame and have been looking for books that feature them. But ma’am, perhaps you should title it ”Poem: The Gypsy’s Skirt” instead of just ”poetry”, it gives readers an glimpse of what it’s about before reading. Beautiful poem, I love the imagery.

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