Moonlight sonata

Here is a slideshow I had received in an e-mail sent by a colleague some time ago and I was overcome with it’s beauty i felt compelled to share it with you. It is a sort of summary about the life of Ludwig Van Beethoven in pictures, but originally it had come with the music but as it was impossible to include the actual slides it will be excluded from my post. However, I have included a YouTube video of the music, Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonatta”, so you can listen while viewing the photos.

Please do note I do not know the source of the photographs only that it was compiled by an unknown person, so I claim no credits. Enjoy!

Here’s the video

I hope these slides struck a note in your hearts to overcome your hurdles in life and to welcome 2013 with the music from your hearts and brave the storms of your lives.

We should learn a lesson from this great composer, a man who did not let his limitations get in the way of his dreams and creativity. Let it be a lesson especially those of us have always dwelt on our own weaknesses than our strengths because there’s a Beethoven in each of us.

I thank my dear my student and blogger friend Devina A Lemon Flavoured Jeellybean, for helping me publish this post.


About Shashi Moore

Having covered half a century of my time on this Earth; enthusiastically creating an impression on my students has given me the much needed excuse to continue to live another few decades, if possible. An educationist by choice and a mother by grace of God.
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