Breath for breath

Breath for breath
As the horizon radiates its glimmer
The distant land begins to stir with life,
The glimmer turns to warmth
the life turns to churn the land to feed
The warmth glares with heat
The life steals the life
For one life to thrive the other life seize
Who sets the rule where the justice
What the game is?
Ask not.
By Shashi Moore

Hello There!
During my usual morning jogging I was focused on the horizon turning red and then pink to blue sky.

I became aware of the coolness being replaced by heat. Life began to stir and I said to myself thank God for light.

At the said Time I watched our feline dash across the yard with the tail of his meal dangling from his tightly closed lips.

It was Misha’s first meal.

Such Inter-dependency propelled my thought into the few words that I jotted down as my first poem in thirty years.
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About Shashi Moore

Having covered half a century of my time on this Earth; enthusiastically creating an impression on my students has given me the much needed excuse to continue to live another few decades, if possible. An educationist by choice and a mother by grace of God.
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4 Responses to Breath for breath

  1. Reblogged this on MidNight Rush and commented:
    A beautiful poem. Really ignited a spark within me.

  2. Lovely poem Ms. Sashi! Isn’t it strange how inspiration finds us?

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